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005: TEDDY & LINDSAY MITROSILIS | Love Jesus and Football

All marriages are built upon a certain foundation and the strength of that foundation will set up how the relationship unfolds over time. It can support and drive successful, joyful, thriving and growing marriage; or, if easily cracked, it can lead a marriage down a very difficult and uncertain path.

Teddy and Lindsay Mitrosilis have been married for five years and have a daughter who is just over a year and a half old. Lindsay runs her own business, serving entrepreneurs, business leaders, and influencers through LinkedIn, and Teddy is an entrepreneur himself as head of enterprise consulting for an immersive learning technology company. They are active in their personal lives, consistently challenging themselves to push their limits.

Underneath all of that, they have built their marriage on a foundation of faith. Their faith in Christ defines who they are individually and is at the center of their marriage. In this conversation, they unpack how they prepared themselves on their faith journey before they even met, and how their faith leads their relationship.

Show highlights:

  • The uniqueness of the moment they met

  • Knowing your priorities before you meet the right person

  • The intention of dating

  • Having real conversations early on

  • Praying for the right person to be revealed

  • Working through differences in Christian ideologies

  • The impact of seeing your parents value their marriage

  • Foundational connections

  • The challenge of finding a young Christian man

  • Faith as the center of their marriage

Teddy on IG: @tmitrosilis

Lindsay on IG: @lindsay.mitrosilis

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