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018: KEVIN WALKER | Family: The Salt of the Earth

The family unit is the bedrock of a healthy society. Nothing will make a more positive change in the world than strengthening families. Husbands and wives loving and caring for each other, intentionally raising children with healthy value, and building each other up. That principal is the very purpose of this podcast. Stronger families lead to more thriving communities. Thriving communities lead to a more stable society. A more stable society leads to a better world.

Kevin Walker grew up in a family that epitomizes the closeness, care, and devotion that we all could benefit from modeling. And he is now striving to build that same type of family with his wife and young son. Kevin is the Co-Founder and Co-Host of the Live SOTE Podcast with his brother. Together they developed the acronym “SOTE,” which stands for Salt of the Earth, meaning a person of great worth and reliability. In our conversation, Kevin discusses the tremendous worth of growing up in Walker home, a family that embodies the very definition of the Salt of the Earth.

Show highlights:

· The influence of devoted parents and an older brother while growing up

· Life and marriage with a newborn

· The come-up story with a spouse by your side

· The importance in mutual support of each other’s dreams

· Living S.O.T.E.

Where to find Kevin:

Ultra Marriage Resources


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