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Two military veterans, one an ex-homicide detective and recovering alcoholic, one jack of all trades but master of none, and a couple of hippies kinda winging it on a disordered journey to health and happiness. That is how this week’s guests have described themselves to their social media following. There is one additional definition on Justin’s Instagram page that puts this all into perspective and paints a picture of how the people who know Justin and Stefanie best view their purpose and passion…it says, “Hope Dealer!”

This past weekend, Justin won the 2022 Mid State Mile last man standing ultra-marathon, and Stefanie was there the whole weekend to crew and support him. With Stefanie’s help, Justin was able to break the course record by running 128 miles in 40 hours, with over 39,000 feet of elevation gain and loss! I was fortunate to see much of Justin’s run in person. It may have been the most remarkable accomplishment I have ever witnessed.

Justin and Stefanie not only give each other hope, but also to everyone they seek to inspire. This episode is about their story together, and the future they have been building for themselves. It is enough to give anyone the hope they need.

Show highlights:

· Growing up a rebel

· Justin’s time in the Army, where he and Stefanie met

· Going through the Police Academy and getting sober

· Transitioning to an ultra-runner

· It’s all about progress

· The mindset of running 100 miles on a treadmill

· Holding your spouse to a standard

· The difference between real and fake pain

Justin and Stefanie on Instagram:

Ultra Marriage Resources


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