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019: JUSTIN BATT | Daddy Saturday: A Movement & Message for Husbands

As a father of four children with an entrepreneurial wife who worked almost every weekend, Justin Batt found himself alone, overwhelmed and outnumbered on Saturdays. With intentional thought and planning, he created an experience for his kids that they soon would label, “Daddy Saturday,” and a movement was born. Justin aims to disrupt fatherhood by creating intentional fathers who raise good kids who become great adults. Over Father’s Day weekend in June, he participated in the Fatherhood Festival, hosted at the Hall of Fame Village in Canton, OH and in partnership with the NFL Alumni Association.

As a husband, Justin is equally intentional in his marriage. As a serial entrepreneur, TEDx and international public speaker, multi-published author, coach, Spartan OCR racer, and farmer, he understands the challenges of a busy lifestyle. In our conversation, he shares powerful and effective perspectives and practices that can help build a strong, loving, well-rounded marriage and family.

Show highlights:

  • The creation of Daddy Saturdays

  • Intentionality with your kids translating to your marriage

  • Separating work and the relationship in your marriage

  • The importance of taking a sabbath as a successful business owner

  • The difference between “hurt” and “hurting”

  • Running at the same pace as your family in the race of life

Where to find Justin:

Ultra Marriage Resources


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