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Over twenty-five years of experience leading marriages and families (starting his own!) combined with his pursuit of endurance athletics makes Mike an exceptionally unique speaker for your group, organization, or event.


As a husband, Mike has been guided by an enthusiastic desire to live out the ultimate marriage. It is a compass that has led him to study and implement both the most fundamental and innovative tools that keep a marriage strong, together, and growing over time.

As an ultramarathon runner, Mike is driven to discover the limits of his own body by stretching himself physically and mentally, as far as he can go.


As a speaker, Mike shares the correlation between those two passions and how your audience can take their marriage and relationships to the next level.


An author and advocate for vibrant, long-lasting marriages, Mike speaks from the fundamental principles in his book, Ultra Marriage.


His talks are customized for your specific needs, and can include:

• Why marriage is much more important than we’ve made it.


• The significance of discovering and becoming your true self.


• How two people effectively become one.


• The great lie we have bought into about marriage and what true love really looks like.


• Perspectives and perceptions that lead a couple through the valleys of their relationship.


•  How to feed your marriage for continual growth.


•   …and much more.

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Marriage is like a race, but it is not a sprint. It is not even a marathon. It is a lifelong ultramarathon. The only way to make it to the finish line of an ultra-run is to focus on one step at a time. Going the distance in marriage happens one moment at a time.


Book Mike to give your audience a moment they will never forget.

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Ultra Marriage is a collection of sixteen notable moments throughout Mike Bellini’s twenty-five-year relationship with his wife, and the choices they made that have built an unshakable foundation for an extraordinary marriage. These sixteen lessons have kept their marriage growing deeper and climbing higher every step of the way. Whether you are single or currently married, you will be inspired to believe in the wonder of everlasting love and invited to create it for your own marriage.

Available soon at major book retailers!

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