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Uncommon Prayers offers a transformative journey rooted in Jesus' wisdom and promises, teaches diverse ways to approach God, providing a beacon of hope and a powerful source of strength. Emulating Jesus through prayer allows His character to shine through our imperfections, fostering a deeper relationship with God.


Drawing inspiration from scripture, the prayers within reveal a profound impact communicating with God has on both our daily lives and our eternal souls. Through prayer, we gain clarity of purpose, alignment with divine will, and a deeper reliance on the unmatched authority of the Almighty Creator and Sustainer of all things.


"Uncommon Prayers" is a powerful tool to help center you on God’s boundless love, lead a life rooted in faith, and ultimately help you face life’s battles, seek His wisdom in all you do, and find gratitude in all circumstances.

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For over twenty-five years, an enthusiastic desire to have the ultimate marriage has been a guiding compass for marriage and family mentor, Mike Bellini. In his new book, Ultra Marriage, Mike reveals the most powerful lessons he has learned throughout that pursuit.


Part memoir, guidebook, and call to action, Ultra Marriage is a collection of sixteen quintessential moments throughout Mike’s twenty-five-year relationship with his wife, and the choices they made in the midst of them that built an unshakable foundation for an extraordinary marriage. These moments and decisions have kept their relationship growing and their marriage climbing higher every step of the way.


Ultra Marriage is a simple yet powerful succession of short stories that will take you on a personal and profound journey. You will travel with Mike to the peaks and through valleys that all couples experience and are challenged to endure.


Whether you are single or married, Ultra Marriage will inspire you to believe in the wonder of true everlasting love and invite you to create it from within yourself. It will transform how you view marriage and change the way you love for the rest of your life.

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Amazon Logo Mike Bellini Ultra Marriage.png


“No matter how great a marriage might be, there will always be conflicts. This book will step you through the triumphs and challenges all marriages face and will teach you the mindset and actions to not only make it through those times but to use them to make you stronger and closer. It is a wonderful succession of stories that proves true love is not only real but also achievable.”


-Kathryn Gordon, Best-Selling Author “Relationship Grit” with Jon Gordon


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