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008: TANNER MCFARLAND | We're on the Same Team

What if, in the midst of what could escalate into a heated exchange with another person, you simply looked them in the eyes and said, “Same team,” in a sincere voice? More importantly, what if we lived out our marriages as if we were on the same team? The reality is, we are on the same team or, at least, we should be. Unfortunately, much of the time, we act like competing opponents.

Tanner McFarland is engaged to be married to his longtime girlfriend of seven years in May 2022. Over that time, the two of them have not only used that phrase when disagreements have become difficult, but also believe it to be the truth.

Tanner is the author of College Made Easy: My Personal Textbook of How-To's and Don't-Do's of College. He loves to keep his body moving, whether at the gym, running, or practicing his most recent physical endeavor, Jiu-Jitsu. He and his fiancée are not only planning their wedding, but they are also preparing for marriage. There is a big difference.

This is a conversation for singles who want to hear how to build a solid foundation with another person AND for married couples who want to know how to keep the sparks flying no matter how long you are together!

Show highlights:

· The value of keeping a notebook or journal of your daily experiences

· Setting up a memorable surprise proposal

· The importance of premarital counseling

· Setting rules for fighting

· Deciding in advance how to react in difficult times

· Addressing issues between two people as a team

· Where are the marriages we can aspire to model?

· How to keep the spark alive over time

· Consistently doing fun stuff together

Check out Tanner’s Book on Amazon: College Made Easy

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