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015: MEGAN REILLY | Living with Intention

Have you ever looked at someone else and wondered, “How do they do it all?” You know people like this; they’re a spouse, parent, run a business (or multiple businesses), host a podcast, coach, speak, and always have a smile on their face while they do that and so much more. I often find myself wondering how they keep it all together and always show up, to whatever the task is at hand, ready to go and give it their best.

Megan Reilly is exactly that type of person. She is COO and Co-Owner of an international franchise. She is a Shark Tank Alum. She is the creator and host of the Who Is Your Momma Podcast, where she speaks to the mothers of some of the world’s most successful, CEOs, athletes, and entertainers. She works as an expert mentor for Jesse Itzler's elite coaching program. Above all, Megan is a dedicated wife and Mom. She and her husband, Chris, have been married for 14 years and have three daughters under 10. Together, they renovate homes and love to play outside with their kids and their 100-pound dog, Ralph.

In this episode, you will learn the mindsets and strategies that Megan uses to build, grow, and maximize her family life and every endeavor she sets out to accomplish.

Show highlights:

  • Managing time for kids while running international business and podcast

  • The importance of being around like-minded couples

  • How prioritizing marriage will amplify all other areas in life

  • The importance of intentionality with your spouse

  • Why it is essential to have a long-term perspective in your marriage

  • Managing an identity crisis with the introduction of kids

  • The value of the little things

  • Why uninterrupted quality time is better than quantity of time

  • How kids can make you a better spouse

Where to find Megan:

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