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011: LAURA CARNEY | Set Your Soul Free

At twenty-five years old, Laura Carney met her husband-to-be in a summer romance that began like a movie script, then suddenly lost her father in a tragic car accident three months later. After a decade long relationship, the two of them got married and, six months later, found her father’s bucket list when he was a young man. There were sixty items on the list and only six had been checked off. Instantaneously, both Laura and her husband agreed – she had to finish the list.

For the past five years, Laura has been on a quest to complete all of the items on her father’s bucket list, but that is only part of her amazing story. While fulfilling the last few of her father’s wishes, she is writing a book about the adventure called, My Father’s List: How Living My Dad's Dreams Set Me Free, being published by Post Hill Press in May 2023. Along the way, she has garnered the courage to face a difficult past and set the foundation for helping encourage and inspire others.

Laura is a writer and magazine copy editor in New York. She's been published by the Washington Post, the Associated Press, The Hill, Runner's World, Good Housekeeping, The Fix, Upworthy, and other places.

In our conversation, Laura unwraps a triumphant story of a soul set free, intertwined with her marriage every step of the way.

Show highlights:

· Growing up with divorced parents

· Meeting her future husband just before losing her father in a tragic accident

· Waiting ten years to get married

· How they stayed together after a tragedy

· Finding her father’s bucket list

· Deciding to finish the bucket list and write a book about it

· Divine connections with her father

· The importance of learning to trust

· Being real and open instead of trying to look perfect

· Why we should break more eggs in life

Where to find Laura:

Photo by: @jonibilderbackphotography

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