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007: JOHN & CAITLIN HANCOCK | Choosing Joy

Joy and Pain. The journey through life includes both. Whichever we focus on more often and intentionally feed is what we will experience more. Ultimately, it comes down to a choice. We can focus on the pain and feed negativity, or we can seek the joy and feeding positivity. We can choose to be intentional about working through the pain and challenges that we face in order to get to the joy that awaits. The greatest things in life are on the other side of pain and suffering.

John and Caitlin Hancock are one of my favorite couples on social media! They experience as much joy, fun, and laughter together as any couple I’ve met. But here’s the catch. It doesn’t always come easy. In our conversation, we dispel some common myths about people who seem to have a much easier, happier life than most. We dive into some of the tools they use and standards they live by to experience abundant joy in their lives.

John and Caitlin have been together for nearly a decade and have a year-and-a-half old daughter. They are both personal Transformation Coaches and are on a mission to positively impact 100,000 lives by 2025 through their health, wellness, and performance nutrition programs. If you want a personal wellness coach, contact them through Instagram (below).

Show highlights:

· Why and how they focused on their vows instead of the “wedding”

· Making life a changing decision together

· The benefits of praying together

· How to you stay joyful and happy consistently

· Working through the challenges and disagreements to get back to the joy

· The agreement to never talk bad about each other to other people

· Helping 100,000 improve their health and wellness in the next 4 years

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