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012: JEFF FORRESTER | Unleash the Potential of Your Marriage

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Based on statistics, nearly half of all marriages fail. Unfortunately, the statistics don’t tell the whole truth. While the divorce rate is approximately fifty percent, how successful are the other fifty percent? How many couples pour as much planning, time, and effort into their relationship as they do their career or business. How many strive to unleash the full potential of their marriage?

Jeff Forrester has had a successful multi-faceted career covering sales, management, and training. He has most recently transitioned to become an entrepreneur as a Coach, Speaker, and Culture Consultant with his own company, Conquer It Consulting. He is a co-founder of the Mighty Warrior Council, a brotherhood designed for imperfect men that are seeking to grow together through living a life of integrity, discipline, and valor.

He is also the author of Unleashed Potential: Simple Steps to Be the Best Version of Yourself. In his book, Jeff explains four key principles to help people get more out of their career and life. In our conversation, we unpack how those same four principles can also help you unleash the potential in your marriage.

Show highlights:

  • The Importance of Communication – both internal and external

  • Knowing Yourself

  • Developing Yourself

  • Setting the Proper Course

  • Going through a difficult transition as a family

  • Starting The Mighty Warrior Council and Conquer It Consulting

Where to find Jeff:

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