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013: GAVIN HANNAN | Every Day is a Choice

What if you left home for what was supposed to be a short trip and soon discovered that you would be away from your spouse, with whom you’ve been married for about four months, indefinitely? What if, during that time apart, your spouse was going through rigorous treatments for cancer, while you found yourself in the hospital with a heart condition? On top of that, what if you couldn’t even talk to each other? How would you find the strength to endure?

That is precisely the situation this week’s guest, Gavin Hannan, found himself in just as the pandemic was starting. After he left for his trip, his wife’s doctors thought it was too dangerous for him to return until the threat of the pandemic had passed. What they thought would be two weeks of isolation turned into a year and a half apart, with each of them going through health issues. What Gavin and his wife faced, how they made it through, and who they are becoming on the other side is a story as inspirational as any you’ve heard. You will learn how they lean on the principles respect, trust, faith, love, and humor to embrace each day to the fullest, no matter what circumstances a day presents. You will see why, every day, they choose each other.

Show highlights:

  • Gavin’s experience doing the 4x4x48

  • The moment he met his wife

  • The realities of being a couple living with cancer

  • Being diagnosed with Pericarditis

  • A short trip that turned into 1½ years away from his wife

  • The journey of personal development

  • Leaning on faith to endure

  • Perseverance develops character

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