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003: BREE HAGEN | Live Boldly, Don't Just Exist

We all get one shot at life. One chance to make it epic. One opportunity to live it out the best that we can. Our guest in this episode believes we should live it boldly and not just exist!

Bree Hagen is a self-proclaimed, ponytail wearing, life handler. She has been married for 18 years, has two kids, three dogs, and a fish! The past few years, she has jumped headfirst into ultra-endurance events, hiking, backpacking, running, and just about any challenge that pushes pre-conceived barriers.

This is a conversation you will want to rewind and listen to more than once. Bree overwhelms with confidence, sharing her insights on how she lives boldly, the importance of speaking the truth, how she handles difficult days, and so much more.

Show highlights:

  • Bree’s epic 2021

  • Making big decisions

  • Honesty from the start

  • Knowing who your personal decisions are impacting

  • Becoming a new person

  • Speaking truth and leaving nothing to chance

  • The importance of the words we choose

  • Using negotiation skills within relationships

  • Knowing your why

  • The inner voice within all of us

  • Unwavering trust

Bree Hagen on IG: @livebodly_dontjustexist

Ultra Marriage Resources -

IG: @mikebellini7 and @ultra_marriage



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