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009: AMY TUCKER | Called for a Purpose

What is it like to be called for a greater purpose? It might be a dream of yours or it could just be something that you know you are supposed to do.

In 2014, Amy Tucker has a simple goal – help her young son, who loves the ocean, enjoy it as long as he liked without becoming badly irritated and chafed. She tried everything and nothing provided him relief, so she took matters into her own hands. Out of pure mama desperation, Salty Britches® was born!

After hitting the market in 2017, the demand for Salty Britches as winter skin relief soared! Now, Amy’s product is trusted by families, athletes, and military personnel for year-round, all-day protection. But that is only part of the story.

In this episode, Amy shares a behind-the-scenes look at what starting a business from scratch really looks like, and how her marriage and family have played the most important role. This conversation is complete with laughter, tears, and tremendous insights and perspectives on what it takes to build a family business.

Show highlights:

  • The genesis of a creating a groundbreaking product called Salty Britches

  • Turning your life upside down to follow a path you know you are called to follow

  • The difference between a dream and a calling

  • Going all-in

  • The challenges and benefits of starting a business with your spouse

  • Why couples should do hard things separate and together

  • How they work their life around their faith

Salty Britches Web Site:

Ultra Marriage Resources

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