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002: AARON DANA | Marriage is an Ultra Marathon

Marriage is like a race, but it is not a sprint or a marathon. It is a lifelong ultra-marathon that takes intentionality, resolve, and fortitude. It requires us to face our fears, do the hard things, and push through pain to achieve victory.

Our first guest on the podcast knows all about that. Aaron Dana is an ultra-marathon runner, professional home remodeler, husband of eleven years, and father of three. Aaron’s #1 goal of the past year was to deepen his relationship with his wife.

In this conversation, we cover the benefits that training and doing hard things can bring to a marriage, communicating effectively, and continually growing together.

Show highlights:

  • Training up

  • What is took to crush the Mid-State Mile last man standing race

  • How marriage is like ultra-running

  • What training and running did to, and for, his marriage

  • Facing your weaknesses

  • Growing stronger through open communication

  • The importance of knowing yourself better and wanting to know your spouse deeper

  • Being led by grace

  • Committing unwaveringly to the process

Aaron Dana on IG:

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